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Ron's Harem
News and Gossip


Well, I finally got my Blade fic done and ready for public viewing. If you would like to check it out, please go to this link.

Blood is Thicker then Water


Okay, as some of you may know, Ron likes to keep busy, working on a number of different things at a time. That still hasn't changed.

Ron is currently working on a film and a TV series. The movie is entitled Coldwater and it is about a remote juvenile detention facility, Coldwater Ranch, where a young 17-year-old Brad Lunders makes a stand against ranch director "Colonel" Timberland and his Ranch Counselors whose ideas of rehabilitation consist of physical and mental torture. Ron is playing Colonel Timberland. 

The TV series is called Desperation. Set in the desert in between Lake Tahoe, the Carver family is arrested for blowing out all four tires on their camper. Collie Entragian is the arresting officer, the self-made sheriff of a town called Desperation, Nevada, and the quintessential bad cop. Unbeknownst to the Carvers, Entragian regularly sniffs out passerbys on this stretch of road, and in fact has done in nearly every resident of his hometown.  He is actually possesed by a demon who requires human bodies on a periodic basis to act as hosts for his consciousness. Two days earlier, he savagely murdered the entire town. Ron plays Collie Entragian.

Also, Ron's has his hand in a movie called Knights of Impossingworth Park. It is unknow what the movie is about. All that is known is that it is a family film, it is due out sometime this year, and that Ron's character is named Mr. Canbedone.

Apart from that, Ron is announced to be replaying his role as Hellboy in Hellboy 2. Due out sometime next year, the movie stars Ron and is directed by Guillermo del Toro. Del Toro also wrote the story, along with Mike Mignola.


On a side note, Ron's daughter Blake Amanda just celebrated her 21st birthday. So, many wishes of happiness and congrats.


Well, that's about it for now. Please check in later for more updats and info. If you have any new info on Ron or his family, please feel free to contact me at the addy on the contact page.


Be sure to let me know what you hear and I'll add it to this page!